The Beginning … a very good place to start

So your beautiful partner has popped the question and you said yes! Now how on earth do you start planning the greatest day of your life?

This is the scary bit and it’s important you and your partner sit down and answer these questions together. After all you want this to be a day you both love and cherish….. as long as you both shall live ;P  


Before You Do Anything Else: First Discuss

Stop staring at that gorgeous ring and write this all down.
  • What’s your time frame? Long engagement/short engagement?
    This doesn’t mean you set an exact date, just a general indication e.g. Summer time 2021
  • What’s your budget like at the moment and how much can you set aside a month to create your wedding fund? Look at our budget section to help you plan your savings 🙂
  • What are your wedding dreams? Big ceremony, small reception?
    Get all your ideas out there see what you agree on and what makes you doubt your partners personal tastes 😉
  • Where would you like to get married? Close by? Abroad?
    If Abroad who are you going to pay for and whose paying for themselves?
    – This also includes types of venue…. Have you always dreamed of getting married on a beach?
  • What would you like to do before the big day? This includes stag/hen dos, engagement parties, spa days.
    – This all needs to be added to your budget plan

At this point you should have a rough idea of what you both want from your special day, from big to small, your wedding should now feel uniquely you!

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