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Wedding favours you guests will crave in this heat!

Being wedding planners its common for us to have 1000’s of plans in place for what to do if it rains, hails and even sometimes snows. However this summer is beautifully hot (some would say too hot ;p ) and although i love the heat, formal wear isn’t exactly hot weather friendly. So here is a few simple ideas for wedding favours that your guests will LOVE you for!

Ice Lollies 

Cocktails_1These are from Cocktail Natives (who are currently on a break to have a baby but deserve a shout out anyway ;p )

Super simple, super fun and most caterer would be happy to provide for a small cost to all your wedding guest. You can even get creative with the flavours, how about mojito or pink champagne ice lollies!

Or go all in and add an ice cream cart to your wedding day! We love Matt Benecci ice cream company with prices from £375 for 100 guests worth of ice cream!

Flip Flops and Fans 

Give your guests a break from there heels and shiny oxford shoes. With flip flops and fans to help them cool off and relax we love these with there adorable signs but if your looking to save a bit of money a wicker basket and a chalk board sign would look lovely too!



Guest are always touched when you go out of your way to make them feel special and cared for. We have started putting sunscreen in all the bathrooms at the wedding venue and it has gone down a treat! We also love these mini personalised sunscreens that would make the perfect wedding favour! Get yours here.


You and your guests will thanks us for this one, Double check that the rooms you have hired for your wedding has air conditioning. If it doesn’t be sure to ask them if they can prove it for you or hire it in.


If your wedding is outdoors make sure you have a marquee stocked with comfy chairs and ice water ready for people to relax and recharge when the sun gets too much.

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