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Cool for the Summer

Dressing for the Summer in general can be hard work but when it’s a Summer wedding there’s a whole new set of rules to acknowledge. You want to be comfortable but not too warm, saying that you don’t want to appear like you’re going clubbing unless that’s the theme or the bride and groom are happy with that styling. Summer weddings can be a minefield but we want to help you with this potentially difficult fashion time.  

So, first things first, does the invitation state a dress code?
If it does you have guidelines! When you have an idea of how dressed up you need to be you can start having a look at what suits you. Some people don’t like looking at clothes on the internet but it’s always an idea to scout stores and have a look to see what styles are out there and just to see what you may or may not go for. If the internet research isn’t for you just have a cheeky look at some of your favourite stores to see what collections they have out; the plus with this method? You can always try them on if you have time to see if that outfit is something that suits you/you would be happy to wear. Not only that but if there’s a trend in fashion you get to see how it feels on so it can be advantageous to do some homework beforehand.

We love fashion, especially wedding fashion;  to help give you some ideas of outfits out there for a Summer wedding take a sneaky look at some of our favourite styling’s. Here’s to being inspired!





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unique dresses for wedding guests Inspirational 14 best Royal ascot images on Pinterest







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