Staying Cool On Your Wedding Day

It’s hot! Not just hot … HOT! Now don’t get me wrong i love the sunshine and its just beautiful to see all the flowers and butterflies creating the perfect back ground for your big day! But that being said feeling like a sweaty mess on your wedding day isn’t ideal so here are a few tips for staying cool on your wedding day.

ella parkinson photgrpahy

Stay Hydrated 

It is so easy for the day to fly by and you forget to pause for breath let alone, drink anything but it is so important to drink lots of water especially when its hot.

Cooling Cloths 

these cooling cloths can be a god send on a hot day providing instant relief. we love these ones on amazon


This one may sound obvious but make sure you have a mini deodorant to hand to top up throughout the day.

Mini Fans 

It won’t just be you that would be hot on your big day why not have small mini fans as favours or even have your order of service made into a fan! These are from one of our favourite suppliers Respoke Boutique 

Stop Worrying 

I know easier said than done right but actually stress makes you sweat more. If you’re sweating, everyone else will be, too, so nobody will think anything of it. Just get all your sweat-free items together in a small make up bag and then give it to your friend or mum to look after for you. You’ll be all set for a cool stress free wedding day.

*Tip – Make sure you use a good primer and setting spray to sweat proof your make up!*

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