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How to include those missing loved ones in your big day.

Weddings are an emotional time and most people have someone close that they wish could be at their wedding. Here are a few beautiful ideas on how you can include them in your big day.


blue ashes

Something Blue –

We adore this beautiful blue glass pendant as well as its beautiful story! It’s made from a Fathers’ ashes so he could still be with her and walk her down the aisle.

This option isn’t for everyone but we love the emotional tie and you can always incorporate something your loved one owned that was blue into your big day, like a piece of jewellery they owned.


Keepsake Baubles –

These floating vinyl baubles are stunning and can be personalised with your wedding colour and words of your choice.  This one is from Jack in a box.

wedding - memory

We Saved You A Seat-

The first time I saw this idea I almost cried, it’s such a beautiful gesture and can be personalised with different sized chairs or benches and photos for your loved ones.  You could also really save them a seat and put your favourite photo of them on the chair.

caroline joy


Raise A Glass- 

Was your Grandad a huge whisky or cigar fan? Why not set up a station where they can drink a toast to your Grandad to honour him with his favourite whiskey.

This idea also works for other drinks and other family members, a beautiful concept to involve them.

Photo Charms –

These are super sweet and oh so simple. You can add them to everything; shoes, a flower bouquet, pinholes and cuff-links! we love these by Photocharmshoppee.


We’d love to know if you would try any of these or have come across other ways to involve your missing loved ones.



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