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Wedding Speeches!

Wedding speeches can be a bit intimidating when you’re faced with writing one and then there’s the reality of reading it! But don’t fear, they don’t have to be a perfect rendition of the time you knew the Groom, Bride or both – they can be fun, lighthearted and very entertaining. We’ve found five brilliant speeches which we think are amazing examples of how to own that speech!


Eminem anyone?

This is pure imagination and originality, we absolutely love this take on the wedding speech.


Family know best!

Be warned, having a family member doing a speech can lead to lots of embarrassing stories being shared – this is a wonderful example of what having a younger brother doing a speech can do!


Who could forget?

This was a speech that once shared, went viral! Tom Fletcher of McFly fame, this speech stood out for all the right reasons, still love watching this one!


Our Top Tips

Keep it short: Whether you’re super nervous or not your don’t want to be going on for hours. Pick a few antidotes and build your speech around this. We suggest no longer than ten minutes.

Don’t list everyone: We love manners but don’t feel the need to thank absolutely everyone, make sure you stick to those who really deserve to be mentioned.

Toast: Classic but it works! Make sure you end with a toast once you’ve finished. If you’re a best man. maid of honour, or family member toast the happy couple. If you’re the Bride of Groom toast to your new husband or wife.




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