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Wedding Fails to Avoid

There are certain things that can so easily happen when you’re planning your wedding that can easily be avoided and make the process enjoyable from start to finish. So we have looked at some of the most common wedding fails so that you don’t fall into the trap!


Buying accessories before your dress

This is something that a lot of Brides fall into. You’re so excited about the wedding, you’re out and about, you see something that takes your eye and you buy it! Perfect for your wedding right? Wrong! Well maybe wrong, if you haven’t chosen your dress yet then there’s a very good chance your accessories you’ve bought beforehand may not compliment the dress. Don’t forget that it’s all about the dress, your wedding gown is the centre of attention and so any accessories you buy should compliment it.


Not involving your husband-to-be

The wedding day is a celebration of the love you and your partner share. So don’t forget to include them, some individuals may want to be more involved than others but there are common factors that you should definitely get them involved with e.g. suits, entertainment and theme! A problem shared, is a problem halved or in this case, stress shared is stress halved!

Not getting wedding insurance

Wedding insurance can cover you from everything; from cancellations to any disasters like your venue flooding. Policies can start incredibly low dependent on what you want to cover/how much. Best to be safe than sorry rather that potentially losing all your money!

Check out our blog here about wedding insurance for a bit more advice.


In the words of Lionel Richie & Adele…Hello

Don’t worry about splitting up your time so you allocate a period of time to each guest but do make sure you and your partner say hello and thank them for attending. An extra way of saying a little thank you and greeting your guests is to personally hand out any favours you have for them.


Get ready to Vogue

Certain poses or styles when it comes to having your photo taken aren’t natural  to you and that’s okay! Not everyone wants all ‘proper’ photos or ones that have silly poses, it’s all about what works for you and your partner. What you need to do here is to talk to your photographer, if they’re asking you do pose in a way you’re not happy with just day no! Meeting with your photographer beforehand and explaining what you’d like from them should put a stop to any of this, just make sure as a couple you’re clear on what you’d like.


Bridesmaids have lives outside of your wedding

This is a wedding fail that happens so often! Of course your friends want to help plan your day and get involved but don’t forget that as much as your friends want to eb involved that they have responsibilities outside of your wedding. This gives you a chance to  arrange time with your friends for certain activities so everyone can fit it in their schedules. Not only does it consider your friends time but it helps you arrange things too!


Social Media

Where do you, as a couple, stand on social media at your wedding? Do you want pictures from your wedding posted online before you have the professional ones released? Let your guests know whether they can:

a) Take photos of your wedding
b) If they can post them online – if so when they can do this.

Some couples start a hashtag that wedding guests can use so those who are unable to attend can be involved but also so others can find the photos and see what other guest have taken.

Feed your Suppliers

Although your suppliers (like your photographer) don’t need to eat when or where your guests eat, it is important that a meal is provided to the suppliers who are there all day. They’re working hard for you and need to be fuelled to continue their amazing work, it’s also a courtesy to look after them.

Thank you!

There are many within the wedding industry who say you should send thank you notes to guests for their attendance/gifts no later than three months from when you got married. So make sure you keep a note of who gave you a gift so you don’t panic when trying to write them up.


Budget your £££

A lot of couples get excited about planning and although budgeting their finances is in the back of the mind you’ll want to keep track. If you haven’t already done this, you’ll want to know that you have a budget for every part of your wedding and check in as you plan.

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