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Why Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

We know that tonnes of brides dream of having a wedding planner, someone that knows what they’re doing and can take the stress out of your big day. However, we also know that when people think wedding planner they also think £££!

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BUT did you know that hiring a wedding planner can save you money?!

We Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes.

We plan a lot of weddings, so mistakes that can be costly for a first time bride can be avoided. For example, we met a bride who had already booked and paid for a 5 piece orchestra to play at her reception, she was having a small reception of 50 people and space was tight. The noise from the 5 piece would of drowned out any conversation that was happening and wasted valuable space. A two or three would of been perfect and would of saved her £££.

We Can Keep Things On Track.

Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding and what it should be like, some voices (like those of close family members or family to be) are harder to drown out. We would of discussed in detail your vision and dreams for your big day and will help keep you on track. Plus it’s much easier to say “oh the wedding planner’s already sorted that for me but thank you.” Than explain to your fiancees second cousin why her son can not perform magic at your wedding reception.


We Love To Budget & Organise!

We have lists and schedules for everything to make sure your big day is on track and runs flawlessly. We will help you choose the right venue and suppliers for you, we ask all the right questions (and probably a few you would never have thought to ask on you own) and we make sure they stick to schedule and are within your chosen budget.

We have fantastic links with some great vendors and suppliers and can probably get you a great discount too!

We Are Perfectionist.

We care about your wedding and want it to be as perfect as your Pinterest inspiration board. We will make sure no detail is over looked as we want you to treasure these memories everyday. We will make it the best day of your life!

We Take The Stress Away!

We cannot stress this enough, planning a wedding is not a battle you have to fight through to get to your big day! It can be just as enjoyable as the big day itself. We are training to plan weddings, we can take all the stress away and leave you with the most enjoyable stress free parts.

You time and effort is valuable. If you were driving to work and half way there your car broke down, you would never go buy a book and try and fix it yourself (unless you were a mechanic and you knew what to do already) you would leave it to the professionals.

Its the same with wedding planning, could you fix the car? Eventually yes but it would take a lot of time, stress, effort and probably end up costing more! And to be honest …

aint nobody got time for that GIF-source.gif

We have a range of fantastic packages to suit every brides budget.  We would love to hear from you and chat about how we can help you on the road to your perfect wedding.

Email us at


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