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New Year, Same Mission!

First week of the new year and I have kick started the fitness mindset and started up the final four week stretch of the eight week challenge! Now I didn’t start on the 1st January, it technically still counts as holiday and although I don’t drink so no hangover to contend with, I did want the extra day with family and nibbling on those tasty nibbles left over from Christmas without making myself feel guilty about it all.

So, Tuesday morning, I weighed myself and did so multiple times to check that it wasn’t a fault (it was Christmas after all so I was expecting a rise and then some!) but I was surprised at what my scales were telling me, I hadn’t shot up in leaps and bounds like I assumed I would. Now I haven’t previously shared my weight with you, it’s personal and I have always been super slim apart from the previous two years where I have put on 2 stone to round it, but I want to be even more open with you during the second half of this. When I started this process I was 77kg – after Christmas – see below:


I was staggered to be honest – I enjoyed myself, with loved ones and didn’t think about how much or even what I was eating. The break from calorie counting and pushing myself to do some form of physical exertion was lovely, albeit odd at the same time.

My ideal kg situation would be 63kg which is equal to 10 stone (according to the medical professionals my ideal weight is 10st4lbs) so I would love to try and reach that. I’m trying different ways out to see what works because a) I relish the challenge of trying to lose weight and to see what works for me but b) I want to experience and blog about it for you all to read and for it to be done in a realistic, safe way. I also want to stress that all body types are beautiful, I’ve embraced my curvier figure – admittedly I have the odd down moment but I want to really promote body positivity and don’t want any of you to get hung up on a certain size or shape that you are. You’re stunning!

For the first week back I realigned myself with the #1 Jumping Jack YouTube video previously featured in my eight week challenge blogs. It went so well the first week I wanted a great week to begin the last stretch of the challenge, so I committed to 20minutes (x2 sessions a day) apart from one day where I did #2 which is a full 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes which I do twice. Now I did #2 on the third day because I wanted to compact my 20minutes into one session so I could attend other tasks. My goodness, it nearly wiped me out! So tough. Definitely not at the fitness level to achieve that without taking the easy route occasionally. So the #1 video is the one that works best for me, for sure.

Normally I’ll go for 4 days but I started on a Tuesday, plus I had meetings on the Friday so only managed 3. But hey! I still accomplished an hours workout that week which is better than no time at all. I found it fairly easy on the first session, but the second one started making me feel it a lot more – I definitely sweat when doing this which is great because it shows that I’m working! After #2 I was breathing like a fish out of water and sweating – a great workout for intensity but it’s a toughie!

Due to some changes with the business, I weighed in on the 5th day whereas normally I’ll leave a week in between each weigh in. So, after last week I and the 74.6kg I was, I’ve put on 0.5kg. Now it’s not the best, but the first week back was probably never going to be amazing, plus weight loss/fitness journeys are journeys for that very reason, if weight just went down there would be no challenge. So I’m not disappointed at all I have to say, but it is time to move on to a different work out than Jumping Jacks.

I do love Adrian Bryant with NowLoss videos, partly because there’s no cost and you can do it at home so it kind of gives you no excuse to not try. Apart from the finance aspect, it’s great because you can do the workouts in your home and some people will feel more comfortable doing this. So next week, week 6! I will be keeping with NowLoss on Youtube but I will be attempting Ski Steps as a workout (10mins) and adding the love handle workout into it as well (3mins). If I decide to go absolutely crazy I may throw in a 10 minute session of #1 with Ski Steps give an all round workout and see how a combination works out. Potentially may do ski steps twice and just increase my workout time altogether! Now I will be going for 4 days this week with working out as I have meetings on one day which will take out most my day so 4 days at least 23mins a day.

I can’t wait to try them out and let you know how I get on, what the results are and I will share the links with you in the next blog!

In the mean time check out our Pinterest board for wedding fitness!

Also Happy New Year to all our readers!

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