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Week 2 of #EightWeekChallenge

Winter is such a tough time to try and take something like this up, in my opinion anyway. I love the winter weather, rain, it’s chilly – love it! But it’s not the best for motivating at all, I’d rather stay in my duvet!

But the show or in this case the challenge must go on. For week 2 I decided not to do another DVD (at least for this week anyway!) I purchased an item a while back and sadly it was sat in my kitchen cupboard after I’d tried it once or twice and just didn’t fully commit. But. As I’m in commitment mode, I’m bringing it out of hiding. So what is this mystery cupboard item you’re talking about I hear you ask, well, have you heard of Skinny Coffee?

Skinny Coffee

So. first cup, I’m reminded however good for you it is and I’m not sure yet! it does not taste like coffee, not my favourite caramel latte at any rate. But I guess it is supposed to help you shift those pesky lbs and help you become fitter.

It’s not my latte….but look at that spoon!

Now let me give you a little introduction to the brand and what it’s supposed to do, how it’s supposed to work.


Coffee is a big contender in popular hot drinks, so Skinny Coffee noted this and came up with this creation. It’s supposed to burn fat, boost antitoxidant’s and have even more benefits than just that. Here are some of the points they express on their website:

  • 94% lost weight at a quick pace
  • 92% notice visible results
  • Trusted by 250,000 happy dieters
    NB. Skinny Coffee Club have a disclaimer that results will vary.

So that’s what they say and looking at their site, social media and reviews, it seems to work for a lot of people. Of course there’s always the factor it may not work for you or it may work differently to the majority. I invested in the 28 day weight loss programme of Day & Night.

As it stands, I am still the same weight as I was when I lost those 0.2kg, I’ve had the Day coffee when I’ve woken up (I use a cafetiere) and used a dash of almond milk (they suggest using alternatives to the traditional dairy like almond) and if you need some sugar added it’s suggested that you use sweeteners, which I also add.

Now you need to have the coffee everyday, and two days a week you must do HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) which involves:

  • Bicycle Sit Ups
  • Plank
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Burpees,
  • and a couple of others too!

The point of this is to do as many as possible before failure with a fifteen second break in between each exercise. I do this automatically but Skinny Coffee also suggest to keep a record of your progress.

Along with HIIT you must do LIIT training twice a week where you can choose from several options including:

  • 30 minutes swimming
  • 30 minutes of yoga
  • 1 hour of walking (break a sweat)

I went for walking for my LIIT training as I used to do a lot of it and I would see the benefits when I did. Although it’s not the best weather this time of year, especially this week, it’s so rainy! But I’ve briefly dabbled with Skinny Coffee before and I really wanted to commit this week to see if you really put the work in if it does indeed show anything at the end.

A lot of people swear by this as a method, I have to say I was so achey after the HIIT training, but I hoped that meant it worked?

Small update!

I ditched the Night coffee, it tasted 100% disgusting! It tasted highly medicinal in the nasty sense, to me it was something like nail polish remover (I know that’s not medicinal but urgh so nasty!)

Back to reality

So back to the scales and I’ve somehow put on those 0.2kg that I lost!!!! Outrage.

It’s not a bad product really (the night one is awful though not doing that again!) I took it everyday and followed it up with keeping in line with suggested calorie intake – perhaps if it’s done long term you  may see some difference. I will continue to take the Skinny Coffee, although it may not be daily and move on to the next item on the list of fitness things to try and see if what I can do in the next week.

So far doing Vicky’s DVD has seen a very, very small loss, minor.
Skinny coffee has somehow seen me gain the 0.2kg previously lost…mystery! Kind of annoying as though it was small it was a loss. So definitely going hard next week to try and at least get those 0.2kg back off hopefully if we see a bit more like close to a whole lb then I’ll stick with that for a second week but currently no real success anywhere.

I’ve seen a lot of positives surrounding Skinny Coffee so it must work for some but it hasn’t had the desired effect for me. I may go back to a DVD next week combined with the calorie intake watch that I’ve been doing from the start of this challenge and I may test out daily use of Raspberry Ketone, purchased from Holland & Barrett’s as this again has a big rumour mill going round about the positive effects when combined with exercise/drinking lots of water!

Till the next blog post about the eight week challenge!
Good luck to everyone who is trying to get fitter/lose some weight – let us know what works for you and I may give that a go next.

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