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Fitter in 8 weeks?

We love brides and grooms! Moreover, we love seeing brides and grooms of all sizes, it gives such a real representation of people in everyday life. It’s important to note that you DO NOT have to slim down for your wedding! But we understand some people want to try and get a little fitter or maybe lose a little.

Personally, I have put on weight over the past two years and I want to try and see (after never having to really maintain a fitness level) if I can get fitter or even lose some weight. I’ll tell you it’s going to be a challenge!

I recently came across a blogger called SophObsessed (here’s a cheeky link to her page: I noticed her post she had done called “Eight week weight loss challenge” and thought there’s an idea! I’m not ever massively motivated to exercise, partly because it’s not in my wheelhouse but also probably because I’m a tad unfit, so I thought eight weeks is long enough to try and achieve something but not too long for me to totally disengage. So I downloaded her free printable (I’ll let you check it out yourself).

So, as I need to keep things interesting, I’m going to try different methods every week to see if there’s any change and tell you all about the different methods and that way you can see if it’s something you may like to try. Disclaimer, what may or may not work for me, may be the opposite to you, we are all different in how we adjust, so I’m just giving my account and my thoughts on different fitness/weight loss ways.

Healthier Choices

Last week I changed up my eating, not snacking is so hard when you work from home! I also ate things that kept in with the calorie intake, so lunches consisted of fish, sweet potatoes (a lot of sweet potatoes) eggs (or egg whites as that’s better apparently) and I really watched out to make sure I was either hitting the 2K in calories or being under. I have to admit I am a bit of a fussy eater too so I’m limited with what I will and won’t eat but I have to say it wasn’t too hard which I was really surprised at, I took to it quite well, I allowed myself on Saturday to eat whatever! but having said that in my head I was still going, is this over roughly yet or am I under. I had no idea it would take over my brain so quickly! I think for me it’s just a lot of bad habits. But I didn’t just watch myself and what I was eating a little more. I also tried out Vicky Pattison’s fitness dvd, this is tough!

sweet potato.jpg
My life! Sweet potato madness!

Fitness DVD: Choice One

My knees aren’t the strongest so doing the gorillas is a real test. The method of this dvd is something like a ten minute warm up/main exercise and cool down all in that time. So it’s not massively time consuming which is always good, there are 6 workouts (one workout for every week, so workout one you do every day for a week, then week two you do workout two every day for that week and so forth and so on, you get the idea). I thought I’d crack over the weekend but I did it then too, super proud! I found myself sweating every day and I always had a drink on standby, it definitely sees you work. As the DVD has had such great reviews I was hoping for something vaguely impressive. Although I committed to my segment for the whole week with week one, I weighed myself come the Monday (one week on from starting this eight week challenge) and I’d only lost 0.2kg (also known as 0.4ish lbs).

Week one dedication!

Now don’t get me wrong, I was stoked that I’d actually lost something! Yay for that! Totally heading in the right direction, but I was also slightly of the boohoo mood (no not the fashion site!) it was great I’d lost a little something but having been looking forward to shifting a pound or two or three, I was disappointed I’d lost so little. The DVD itself says on the front cover “lose up to 5 lbs in 7 days.” Just because it makes this claim I know it wouldn’t be the case for everyone, but the reviews I’d read had been so positive it just didn’t make really any difference with me. So I was a little disappointed with the result as I combined healthier food choices with frequent workouts. Sure fire way to lose some weight but on this occasion not.

BUT I am not defeated. I want to try other methods as promised to see each week which one has the greatest effect. Whichever one does I’ll commit to full time, so it is going to be a bit of a journey but I am totally on board to see what works for me and letting you all in on it.

As a small side note, I have heard so much on Apple Cider Vinegar and putting a teaspoon or two into 8oz to 16oz of water to help you along your way with losing weight. Boy oh boy. I tried it once and I couldn’t hack it! So this was an immediate no no, just couldn’t, nope! Definite write off – don’t say I don’t at least try things.

So what’s next?

I’ve decided my next step will be to keep with the calories count, as that seems to be a positive way to be healthier in general. I’m going to combine that with a different DVD or maybe a walking strategy I’ve heard about – you will have to see in my next blog post!

Let me know if any of you have found a healthy way to approach fitness/losing weight and I may give that a go in the weeks to come.

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