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How To Include Your Children In Your Wedding.

If we’re honest, kids get bored easily and a wedding is a day long event in most cases. So, we have come up with a list of fun and exciting activities to keep your little ones and your big kids entertained!

Kids Table 

Every year at Christmas, at my Nan’s, we always had a kids table and like the back of the bus on a school trip it felt special and exciting to have something that was ours.

Have  a kids zone or table at your wedding, it can be a really lovely way to bring kids from both sides of the family together and keep them from spilling red wine all over the hired table runners ;p

The activities you provide will depend on the age range of the children attending and the time of year but here are a few to start the creative ball rolling :

  • Colouring and crayons, pencils etc
  • Draw on tablecloths
  • Activity placemats or booklets
  • Lego
  • Tent and tunnels – weather aproperate
  • Piñatas
  • Video game area or board games
  • Traditional games like hoopla, hook a duck etc
  • Bubbles (also works great if your venue doesnt allow confetti)
  • Employ them as a cameraman (with disposable cameras) and a scavenger hunt list
  • Photo booth
  • Bat and ball, swing ball or other outdoor games



thepickleshack_03Image from

You may love a scallop appetizer and a salad like this one from the Pickle Shack, it makes my heart sing! But I can’t imagine my daughter reacting the same. Luckly the Pickle Shack, like a lot of wedding caterers, offer a kid friendly wedding menu option so I can have my Scallops and she can have a burger 😀

Some other great ideas for children friendly food options at your wedding are;

  •  A Snack Bar this could be sweet and crisps, hot dogs or even an ice cream sundae bar.
  • Have a special mocktail or milkshake for the toast
  • Favours – adults would love little plants or  pots of jam but think about what you could give your littlest guests. A puzzle, a teddy or even cookies these would all work really well.
How adourble are theese from

At The Ceremony

Get them involved! Kids love to help out, give them their own special job like giving out the wedding programs with Daddy.

Sit children and their parents at the end of the rows of seats, so if they start crying or need the toilet they can make a quick exit. If possible try and sit them on the outside of the row so they don’t have to walk down the aisle and walk through the videographer shot.

If they’re your kids, why not have them join in with the vows. We were part of a wedding where the children followed the “I do’s ” with a “We do” it was beautiful, touching moment and so many people commented on it afterwards.


Image by and Sri Maiava Rusden / Digital Vision / Getty Images

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