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Are you watching “Hooked Weddings?”

We love all things wedding and our aim is always to help out the brides and grooms on their planning journey. As we seek out amazing tips and tricks for you and provide you with our personalised wedding services, we are fortunate to come across amazing wedding businesses that we absolutely adore. Sometimes we just have to share our latest discovery with you!

Hooked Weddings is a fantastic business with an incredible web series, which we invite all of you to start watching (subscribe to their YouTube account too!) Their web series sees their host, interviewing wedding professionals getting the inside track on all things wedding! This is a real testament to their host, getting into the heart of other businesses so you get a genuine sense of the skills and advice being given. The web series is really natural and enjoyable to watch; beautiful presenting with a conversational touch making it a relaxing viewing experience.

It’s a web series which truly gives to the people watching, they provide a real insight to the wedding industry and the journey you take with your wedding planning. The approach “Hooked Weddings” takes is refreshing and not like the majority of wedding accounts which can sometimes have a bit too much information for you to swallow.They’re brief but informative videos which answer questions we all wonder at points or sometimes point out things you don’t even think of! The perfect snack sized videos for easy, pleasurable viewing.

They cover a range of topics from;

  • What is a proof? (We loved this one, we had no idea!)
  • Meeting your photographer (also a firm favourite), to
  • Personality and style.

They cover many things so you can pick exactly what it is you want to be informed about!

The really beautiful thing we love about these guys is the fact they are trying to add something to an industry that can get a bit caught up in all the commercial aspects; by taking the time to explain the individual parts of the process. They really want to help you on your way. Hooked Weddings aid viewers by networking with professionals and getting information for you direct from them – couldn’t get any easier! They do all the leg work for you!

Here at My Wedding Planner we wanted to share these guys and their web series with you because they have a different approach. It’s so easy to access and educational but not in a boring, hard to take way. They’re snippets into different parts of the industry which makes it perfect for all you engaged couples!

So definitely check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel (follow the link above it will take you straight there!) We also recommend following them on:

Instagram: @hookedweddings
Twitter: @Hooked-Weddings
and not forgetting their website:

In case you missed it here’s the YouTube link again:

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