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Buying Cute, Affordable Centre Pieces & Decorative Pieces

So! I took a trip out to IKEA this week looking for inspiration for centre pieces. They really surprised me, they had some great things I would love to use. The pieces I took photos of are not for everyone but it is definitely worth a trip out to your local IKEA to see if it strikes up any inspiration for you. It also depends on your theme if you can buy anything but below are things that stood out to me as general ideas or maybe a little more specific.

One of the first pieces I came across which I thought could be used in so many ways to add a lovely touch, are;


This one is really cute, the size is really fun and practical, not too overbearing! The great thing with the lanterns is the versatility! You can involve them as part of a centre piece or you could also use them as part of your decoration – maybe have them attached to walls around your venue. Dependent on the mood you want to set you could put tea lights in them (possibly scented if you want to add a little something extra!) or you could choose LED lights to put in. Both create a wonderful soft, romantic feel and would add a real sense of magic to your celebrations.

The ‘ROTERA‘ lantern also come in white, soft grey and black, so a few options to consider too! Plus they’re only £2! Complete bargain, super reasonable but incredibly delicate.

lantPhotos from 

But! If you like the lantern idea but maybe want something a little more vintage, then they have another design or two I came across.

The ‘GOTTGÖRA‘ has a vintage feel about it and similar to the ‘Rotera,’ candles or LED lights can be used, it’s all up to you! This lantern though has the option of the smaller size (26cm; £9) or a larger one if you really loved them as a centre piece (48cm; £20). You could also use pillar candles in these lanterns as they have the space for them.



                                                         Photos from 

Add a little fragrance 

Not as the main attraction but definitely something that can be involved in your centre piece(s) is something with a little fragrance. Maybe a scent that links in with your theme or one that you and your partner enjoy, maybe a particular scent is connected in with your story and how you met? It’s a great and simple yet effective addition. This can be done in a number of ways but ones I spotted at IKEA were;



Candles! The obvious one but if you include something like a lantern it would work really well, alternatively they’re not hard to work in to your decoration if you don’t use lanterns. The only thing with scented candles at IKEA are there isn’t the biggest range, but they smell incredible, plus you can get them in tealights, and a range of other sizes! Similar to a lot of things in the Swedish store. they’re really reasonable, starting from 85p!

They also have decorative pieces like the balls and scented sticks pictured above. Again quite specific in what is offered but if it works for you then it’s a wonderful way to include it without breaking the bank. These can both be added into a centre piece to add that extra kick in a subtle way. IKEA also offer a range of pot pourri. Beautifully simple but something that can add something lovely to your decoration and think of the scent experience your guests would go on by adding something fragrant! Something small but simple can really be special, it’s all in the detail!

From experience I can say the candles are wonderful, I even have some of the Rotera lanterns – I couldn’t say anything negative about either. Both are fantastic individually and once you look at how reasonable the items are it’s like the cherry on the wedding cake! =D


Let us know if you have thought about your centre pieces. have you ever considered adding something fragrant to them to add that little something?


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